Jürgen Wieching – Saxophone


He came to Osnabrück, the “secret capital of the blues”, as Toscho Todorovic, the founder of the Blues Company once called it, to study geography. Having brought his saxophone, he attended weekly jam sessions at the “Pink Piano”, where he met Germany’s most respected blues musicians. Discovered and encouraged by saxophone player and band leader Tommy Schneller, Big Jay has been a member of the Tommy Schneller Band since 1997. In 1999, he met the Liverpool-born rhythm and blues icon Albie Donnelly. It so happened that Albie was in the process of reforming the wind section of his formation Supercharge.

Saxophone with Supercharge

Big Jay was overjoyed by the offer to join Albie Donnelly’s Supercharge, and has been a member of this exceptional R’n’B band ever since. His powerful playing style of the baritone saxophone makes him crucial for the typical Supercharge power sound.

In addition to live performances with countless national and international artists, Big Jay has recorded with the following people (excerpt):
Frank Biner (USA) – “Fixing to Jam”
Big Bones (USA) – “So Low”
Tommy Schneller (D) – “A Hearbeat Away”
Ron Williams & The Bluesnight Band (USA/D) – “Diggin’ for Diamonds”
Albie Donnelly’s Supercharge (GB) – “Loaded!” – “Big Blow”