Well known quality with a new name

JUPITER has standardised its item numbers. From now on the same numbers are valid in all European territories. Furthermore JUPITER has restructured the product range in order to give a clearer overview on all the products. Musicians may now find quicker the right instrument for their needs.

Many of the well-known JUPITER instruments are still known under the old name. For our customers who want to buy these instruments in the future we prepared a comparison-chart: You may find here a comparison of all old and new item numbers. The letter-abbreviations at the beginning of the item number offer a clear specification of the type of instrument you are looking for.

Old and new item numbers

The well-known trumpet JP-606MRL-F is now called JTR700Q and the alto-saxophone JP-769GL-FQ is called JAS700Q.

Click here in order to download the comparison-chart.

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