500 Series alto saxophone

Ideal student instrument

  • Tuning: Eb
  • Neck: gold-lacquered, brass
  • Body: gold-lacquered, brass
  • Mechanism: gold-lacquered, brass
  • High F# key
  • C#-Bb tilter
  • Adjustable plastic thumb rest
  • Adjustable bumper felts
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Detachable bell
  • Mouthpiece with ligature and cap
  • Accessories
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This saxophone gets top grades from both students and teachers. The ideal student instrument, it features a significantly improved and revised right-hand mechanism: the C/Eb rocker is now readily accessible. The new spring system ensures a smoother action of all keys on this sturdy instrument.

Available models


  • Neck: brass, gold-lacquered
  • Body: brass, gold-lacquered
  • Mechanism: brass, gold-lacquered


  • like JAS500Q but with a redesigned hard-shell case


  • like JAS500Q but with a redesigned hard-shell case - with carrying strap