Series 1000 bass clarinet in Bb

    • Boehm system
    • Tuning: Bb
    • One-piece neck, silver-plated, nickel silver
    • Body: matte ABS, two-piece, can be disassembled, with metal ring
    • Bell: nickel-plated, nickel silver
    • Low-Eb key, Inline trill key
    • Resonance hole in bell
    • Conical tone hole chimneys, undercut
    • Smoother keywork Eb/Bb and B/F#
    • Adjustable register key and thumb rest
    • Adjustable floor peg
    • Blue steel springs
    • Mouthpiece with ligature and cap
    • JUPITER case JPKC45PA
    • Accessories

    • Model JBC1000N:
      Mechanism: nickel silver, nickel-plated
    • Model JBC1000S:
      Mechanism: nickel silver, silver-plated

    The JBC1000 Boehm bass clarinet has an excellent price-performance ratio. Its keywork follows the standard system and offers a familiar feel. Thanks to its two-part body and the adjustable floor peg, it can even be played by young clarinet players. Its range goes all the way to low Eb. As only a few notes require different fingering with respect to the German system, this clarinet can also serve as second instrument for advanced players.