JUPITER JFLH700WX conversion set

    • Tuning: C
    • Headjoint: nickel silver, silver plated
    • Riser: 925 Sterling silver
    • Adapter: nickel silver, silver plated
    • Molded case and JUPITER bag, padded
    • Accessories

This kit contains everything you need to turn your JFL700WE or JFL700WRE into a "regular" flute (without the Wave Line loop): adapter, headjoint with sterling silver chimney, flute case with padded bag. Remove the Wave Line loop, insert the adapter (note the marks on the adapter and the flute’s body), add the headjoint"”and start playing. This instrument can be stored in its case and bag like a traditional flute.

  • This mark (arrow) needs to be aligned with the mark on the body,...

  • ...because if the opening is not in this position, the trill keys may not work.

  • The JPKB-11Q bag is included.