Series 700 concert box with flute

    • Built-in music stand
    • Fingering chart
    • Lightweight and compact HERCULES flute stand HCDS-460B
    • High-quality, padded JUPITER bag JPKB11Q
    • Classy and robust JUPITER case JPKC11CA
    • Pencil with magnetic head
    • Polishing cloth
    • Cotton cloth
    • Wooden rod

    • Flutes:
    • Tuning: C
    • Headjoint: silver-plated, nickel silver
    • Body: silver-plated, nickel silver
    • Mechanism: silver-plated, nickel silver
    • With or without Split E mechanism
    • C-footjoint
    • JUPITER case JPKC11CA and lined bag JPKB11Q
    • Accessories

    • The following variations are available
    • JFL700E-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700E
      Closed-hole keys
    • JFL700EC-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700EC
      Riser: Sterling silver 925
      Closed-hole keys
    • JFL700RE-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700RE
      Open-hole keys
    • JFL700REC-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700REC
      Riser: Sterling silver 925
      Open-hole keys
    • JFL700-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700
      Offset G
      Closed-hole keys
    • JFL700R-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700R
      Open-hole keys
    • JFL700RO-CBOX:
      with flute JFL700RO
      Offset G
      Open-hole keys

This high-grade JUPITER 700-series flute comes with a handy JUPITER concert box.

The JUPITER concert box is a quick-change artist that can be turned into a music stand with a built-in fingering chart. In addition to this feature, it contains all items that make playing the flute even more fun. To ensure that even cleaning the flute turns into a passion, the JUPITER concert box contains all required maintenance items. This way, you are almost ready for your first or next flute performance.

As a token of the high-quality build of its instruments, JUPITER grants a 5-year warranty on the silver plating, axle clearance and padding.

More information about the JUPITER concertbox

  • JFL700E:
    Closed-hole keys

  • JFL700EC:
    Riser: Sterling silver 925
    Closed-hole keys

  • JFL700RE:
    Open-hole keys

  • JFL700REC:
    Riser: Sterling silver 925
    Open-hole keys