Prof. Barbara Gisler-Haase

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Barbara Gisler-Haase
... studied at the Wiener Musikgymnasium in Vienna and graduated with honors from the Music Conservatory in 1973. In 1974 she was a laureate of the international "Prager Frühling" competition.

She currently teaches flute at the University of Music and Preforming Arts in Vienna, where she also heads the Wind and Percussion Institute. Quite a few of her students have gone on to win international competitions and are now members of leading orchestras or professors at respected universities across the world. Chamber music is at the heart of her artistic activities, nowadays especially with the "JUBAL Trio" and "Vienna Flautists". 12 CDs are here to prove that her enthusiasm is appreciated.

She performs as much as possible and also teaches master classes in both Europe and Asia.
She is the author of "magic flute" and the "fit for the flute" series. In 2009, she joined forces with the "Wiener Flötenwerkstatt" to develop a new child- friendly flute with a completely new shape.