General music theory and circle of fifths

This page tells you everything you need to know about note and rest lengths. You will also find free downloads of the circle of fifths with additional information about chromaticism, diatonicism and pentatonics.

General musicology, notes, note values,...

Graphic support for general music theory concepts: notes, rests and note values. An informative and intuitive aid for the basics of active musicians.
Not just for music teachers, but also for active musicians who need to understand octaves and octave designations. Example: which is the top C (C3)?
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Circle of fifths and scales

The circle of fifths with the related scales and indications of semitone steps.A readily understandable circle of fifths that indicates the semitone steps of the various scales. The circle’s different colors with cadential indications"”the harmonic series I, IV, V.
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Circle of fifths, chromaticism, diatonicism, pentatonics, ...

Basics of chromaticism, diatonicism and pentatonics, plus dissonant and consonant intervals and a cadenza for the key. All intervals up to one octave are listed with their names, abbreviations, symbols and semitone steps. This circle of fifths has been expanded to include indications regarding diatonicism, pentatonics and chromaticism, for a better understanding of musical relationships.

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