Andreas Michel

Andreas Michel has been searching for the perfect trumpet sound for longer than he cares to remember. Already as a student at the state music conservatory in Mannheim, the Mannheimer Blechbläser were both his ideal and source of inspiration. He is still grateful to professor Reinhold Lösch for the invaluable motivation in this respect. His father, Werner Michel, the solo trombone player of the SWF-Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden, discovered his son’s exceptional gift and tirelessly supported him in his musical endeavors.

Concerts and CD recordings

His unusually brilliant trumpet sound has won critical acclaim and become his hallmark and expressive tool. Critics like to say that rather than playing his instrument, he seems to sing through it. The music, which is rooted deeply within his innermost self, oozes with enthusiasm that characterizes both his performances and CD recordings in a variety of genres. Andreas Michel keeps exploring new options, assisting instrument makers with new developments, like the Corno da Caccia model Andreas Michel, and setting up his own music publishing outfit.

Various ensembles

The solo CD "Rhapsody for two", recorded at the radio station SWR Baden-Baden, and his latest CD "Fireworks" with the Arta trumpet ensemble (recorded at Bauer Studios) are not only documents of his virtuoso trumpet playing, but also characterized by an idiosyncratic repertoire selection. Rare works and world creations stray away from the beaten track and confirm his desire to innovate.
Andreas Michel has performed with the following orchestras:
Nationaltheater Mannheim, Freie Kammersinfonie Baden-Württemberg, Arta trumpet ensemble, Philharmonie Baden-Baden, Staatstheater Stuttgart, Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Orchesterakademie conducted by professor Helmuth Rilling