Try Out Box Cashback

Have you discovered your passion for a wind instrument through a NUVO instrument? Then take the next step and benefit from our JUPITER cashback payment when upgrading from NUVO to JUPITER.

With the JUPITER cashback payment, you receive cash money. At the same you get a closer to your desire to play a traditional wind instrument! Register for this on this page.

The following NUVO instruments that are purchased and registered between 1 June 2020 and 31 December 2021 can participate in the cashback payment:

jFlute 2.0, Student flute 2.0, Clarinéo 2.0, jSax 2.0, jHorn

Your participation in the upgrade campaign with cashback payment is possible until 30 June 2022! When you buy a JUPITER wind instrument worth at least 500 € (recommended retail price from the manufacturer), you will receive an amount of 60 € as cashback from the manufacturer JUPITER when you register. Registration by 31 December 2021 is a prior condition for the cashback payment.

This is how it´s done:

1. Between 1 June 2020 and 31 December 2021, you purchase one of the NUVO wind instruments listed above, in one of the selected specialist retailers and register the purchase on this page.

2. The JUPITER distributor will then send you your personal NUVO-JUPITER Upgrade Cashback promotion code and the request form for the JUPITER Cashback payment.

3. With these important documents, you then have until 30 June 2022 to purchase a JUPITER instrument and to request payment of the 60 €.

4. Send the request form back to us by 30 June 2022 and receive your 60 € within a few days after validation.

5. Submission of proof of purchase and the JUPITER Cashback request form stating your personal promotion code and the purchase of both instruments from the same specialist dealer are conditional for participation.

Schools or clubs, that start learning in a class with NUVO instruments and who support young people to play music, can also take part in the campaign.

Enjoy playing!