About JUPITER wind instruments

Each musician deserves to be totally and utterly happy with their JUPITER instrument. Even our student instruments are more than just ergonomically sound and robust instruments - they are designed to assist budding musicians. Professionals agree that even our student instruments boast a surprisingly full sound.

From the selection of raw materials to an environment-friendly way of disposing of waste water - everything is monitored to such exacting standards that we are now ISO 9001 certified. Here is just one example: all JUPITER wind instruments are built using lead-free solder.

Unique instruments

At JUPITER, innovation is more than just a hollow slogan. One look at a long series of unique instruments will tell you that JUPITER has been rather successful at innovating: JUPITER was the first to present a flute for children with a rounded headjoint that was received to critical acclaim (JFL313S). In close cooperation with teachers and professional musicians, we keep churning out new ideas, like the patented Ergonomic trombones and our Loop flutes, for instance.

We want musicians to rest assured that choosing a JUPITER wind instrument was the best decision they ever took. They will still be able to order spare parts for their JUPITER instrument in several years from now. With about 16,000 (sixteen thousand) spare parts in stock, we can
help musicians in no time.

Playing with fellow musicians is good for your attention span, discipline, sensitiveness and creativity. First-rate instruments are crucial for maximum enjoyment - JUPITER is proud to provide you with these instruments. GET BANDED.


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