1010 Series Oberkrainer Baritone

The Oberkrainer Baritone JEP1010 has become a staple in German and Austrian wind music bands. Yet, far from catering only to traditional outfits, the Oberkrainer is also used for contemporary wind music. Smooth response, rose brass leadpipe and tuning pipes... this instrument boasts a formidable sound for long-term enjoyment. The bell can be removed for easy and secure transport in the supplied sturdy case.

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700 Series Baritone Horn

The JUPITER 700 Series Baritone is a powerful instrument with a clean, smooth response und spot-on intonation. Due care has been taken to preserve a rich sound throughout its entire range.

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730 Series Baritone Horn

The 730 Series Baritone is a lightweight and well proportioned baritone horn perfect for school-aged children and beginners. The total absence of strain means it is one of the best ways of getting children interested in playing a low-pitched brass instrument. Its nickel-silver outer tubes, stainless-steel pistons and sturdy case are just what the doctor ordered for young musicians.

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