Joachim Kunze

He studied instrumental music education in Mainz (Germany). He attended countless workshops and master classes by well-know musicians, and spent a lot of time working on his technique based on psychological and physical considerations. He is famous for his warm and juicy sound up to the high notes and the "4" register. Covering the trumpet’s entire bandwidth, his spectrum turns him into one of Europe’s go-to trumpet players for funk, rock and bigband music.

Live bands

He played with Hesse’s state youth orchestra as well as the university bigbands of Frankfurt, Mainz and Giessen. 5 years with the Rodgau Monotones, live performances and tours with Ricky Martin, Fettes Brot, Albert Mangelsdorf, Jiggs Wiggam, Thomas Stanko, Bobby Shew, Conti Candoli, Ack van Rooyen, Barbara Dennerlein et al. In addition, he has toured England, Australia, Egypt, the USA and France. Nowadays, he focuses on his own projects: the band "Firehorns" and "Bummel-Daun-Syndrom".


His first compositions were tunes for his students (duos for trumpet and piano). Nowadays, he writes for various strengths and levels (publishers: Bruno Uetz, Edition Dohr, Fingerprint and Joachim Trekel).


He has also become a household name for instrument methods, like his "Trumpet Power Play" series (three books published by Uetz). His trumpet book "Start frei! - Einfach Trompete lernen", with an altogether new approach, was published by Edition Peters. His latest book, "Alles Kopfsache", was published by dvo.
Joachim Kunze works as a music teacher at the Adolf-Reichwein school in Friedberg (Germany) and as a brass teacher at the music academies of Friedberg and Bad Nauheim. In his capacity of Jupiter coach, he hosts workshops in both Germany and Austria.


•    2008 den 1. Preis bei der Wahl zum besten Bläser 2008 der Fachzeitung Clarino
•    2008 den 3. Preis beim Kunstpreis "Das goldene Segel" für die Komposition "Träumen am Meer" für Trompete Solo und programmierte Elektronik
•    2009 den 2. Preis beim Siegburger Kompositionswettbewerb für die Komposition "A littel Samba" für fünf Trompeten
•    2009 Preisträger beim Kompositionswettbewerb "Neue Töne" für das "Augsburger Violinbuch" für die Komposition "Zwei Tänze für drei Violinen"
•    2009 den 2. Preis beim Kompositionswettbewerb des Landesjagdverbandes Bayern e.V.
•    2010 den 2. Preis beim Siegburger Kompositionswettbewerb für die Komposition "Tropfen-Fluss-Rhein" für Streichquartett
•    2011 den 3. Preis beim Siegburger Kompositionswettbewerb für die Komposition "Mazeppa" für Blechbläserquartett

Reading recommendation: Alles Kopfsache?

Why is my mouth so dry before a concert? Why is playing more difficult after you have eaten? Why certain things are best forgotten to be effective. And what do playing music and bicycling have in common?

The mind’s influence on one’s motor skills

In this book, Joachim J. K. Kunze studies the influence of the mindset and motor skills on how we play a brass instrument. His specific tips may prove invaluable for brass and wind players, irrespective of their particular practice methods. In addition, he suggests ways of changing one’s own idea about how one is doing and so to be more successful.

The combination of breathing, tonguing and finger technique

Motor skills are as important for our playing style as our mindset. Even though embouchure, breathing, tonguing and finger technique need to work together for a stimulating experience, training them separately is of the essence. Based on concrete examples from the world of sports, Joachim J. K. Kunze presents the important aspects of practicing.

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Joachim Kunze
Alles Kopfsache
48 pages, paperback  ISBN 978-3-943037-22-7

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