JJFLH-700WX-2 conversion set

This kit contains everything you need to turn your JFL700WE, JFL700WR or JFL700WRE into a "regular" flute (without the Waveline loop): adapter, headjoint with sterling silver riser, flute case with padded bag. Remove the Wavline loop, insert the adapter (note the marks on the adapter and the flute’s body), add the headjoint"”and start playing. This instrument can be stored in its case and bag like a traditional flute.

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JJFLH-700US-1-NEST curved headjoint

A handy option for the JUPITER 700/1000 series, this rounded headjoint is supplied in a matching "form nest". The complete nest and its Velcro system can be stored and carried in the specially designed flute bag JPKB11CA. Simply insert the nest into the bag’s front compartment"”and just as simply remove it when you no longer need it.

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JPKB11CA Pal flute bag

Meet your new "Pal", your caddy, if you will, who carries your flute and an additional rounded headjoint (JJFLH-700US-1). Lightweight and easy to carry, it is also sturdy. It has room for your flute and its case, plus a special storage compartment for a rounded JUPITER headjoint (complete with its form nest).

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