1110 Series Double Horn

String action

  • Tuning: Bb/F
  • Bore: 12.00mm
  • Bell Ø 302mm
  • Valve casing: Nickel silver
  • Leadpipe: Rose brass
  • Geyer system
  • string action
  • Adjustable 4th valve thumb lever
  • Mouthpiece
  • Accessories
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The JHR1110 has a newly refined bore and medium-large throated bell that together produce incredible response and playability. The instrument is built around the popular Geyer wrap configuration reducing resistance for a more even tonality throughout the instrument range. The JHR1110 Double Horn possess a tonal color and transparency that are well suited for multiple performance applications and provide remarkable volume and sonic brilliance.

Available models


  • Bell: Brass, lacquered
  • Body: Brass, lacquered


  • Bell: Detachable, brass, lacquered
  • Body: Brass, lacquered
  • JUPITER case light JKC-HR66