1150 Series tuba

JTU1150 tuba in C

  •     Tuning: C
  •     Bore: 16,8 mm
  •     Bell: Ø 365 mm, lacquered, brass
  •     Body: lacquered, brass
  •     Leadpipe: lacquered, brass, detachable
  •     Valves: 4, rotary valves
  •     Valve section: detachable
  •     Weight: 7,4 Kg
  •     Height: 83 cm
  •     Mouthpiece
  •     JUPITER case with casters JKC-TU82UB
  •     Accessories
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The JUPITER JTU1150 tuba in C is meant for symphonic wind ensembles. Despite a smooth response and a round sound, it is, in fact, a rather powerful instrument. This tuba comes with a sturdy case with casters.

Available models


  • JUPITER case with casters JKC-TU82UB