700 Series Boehm clarinet

Ideal for beginners

  • Boehm system
  • Tuning: Bb
  • 17 keys, 6 rings
  • Body: matte ABS with metal ring
  • Bore: 14.80mm
  • Adjustable low F/C key
  • Undercut tone hole, conical
  • Ergonomic register key
  • Adjustable thumb rest with ring for strap
  • Blue steel springs
  • Mouthpiece with ligature and cap
  • JUPITER case light JKC-CL33FQ
  • Accessories
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The JCL700 is the perfect entry-level instrument for players who favor the Boehm system. All tone holes are aligned and the clarinet’s light response facilitates the switch from the recorder to this instrument. This sturdy, good sounding instrument is real value for money. The JCL700’s ABS body makes it the ideal second instrument for outside use. The JCL700 comes with a high-quality, lightweight JUPITER case with a storage compartment at the front and reflecting stripes.

Available models


  • Mechanism: Nickel silver, silver-plated



  • Mechanism: Nickel silver, nickel-plated



  • like JCL700SQ but with a redesigned hard-shell case


  • like JCL700SQ but with a redesigned hard-shell case - with carrying strap


  • like JCL700NQ but with a redesigned hard-shell case