1100 Series baritone saxophone

The JBS1100 baritone sax excels with a full and fat sound in all registers, all the way to low A. This model’s special features, its rugged design and countless adjustment options for its keywork will be considered a godsend even by professional musicians. Thanks to an adjustable (and removable) floor peg, the JBS1100 can be played for hours on end. This perfectly sculpted saxophone has a unique timbre and looks simply gorgeous.

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1000 Series baritone saxophone

With a JBS1000, you are likely to be every big band’s darling. Given that the barisax is often a second instrument (next to an alto or tenor sax), special care was taken to provide this instrument with a smooth response and easy handling. The adjustable palm keys provide perfect playability even for fast passages. Its sound snugly fits into any sax section, and its range goes all the way to the low A.

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