1100 Series Tenor Saxophone

The saxophone for every stage!

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Sona-Pure Neck: gold-lacquered or silver-plated, brass, with stopper, protective ring and resonance guard
  • Body: Brass, gold-lacquered or silver-plated
  • Mechanism: Brass, gold-lacquered or silver-plated
  • High F# key
  • C#-Bb tilter
  • Adjustable metal thumb rest
  • Adjustable bumper felts
  • Blue steel springs
  • Detachable bell
  • Adjustable palm keys
  • Adjustable G# and B key
  • Adjustment screw for the body-octave key for reliable middle A-tuning
  • PISONI pads with metal resonator
  • Separate adjustment screws (D, E, F, A, B) on the key stacks
  • Adjustable screw for body octave key (Seesaw)
  • Phosphor-bronze flat springs
  • Engraving on the bell
  • Mouthpiece with ligature and cap und Accessories
  • JUPITER case light JKC-TS67FU
  • Accessories
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The 1100 series meets the exacting standards of professional musicians. The super smooth, meticulously crafted keywork and gorgeous look do justice to the instruments’ unique and perfectly balanced sound. Meet the inspiring sparring partner for musicians who need to be creative at home, in the studio and on stage.

Available models


  • Neck: Brass, gold-lacquered
  • Body: Brass, gold-lacquered
  • Mechanism: Brass, gold-lacquered


  • Neck: Brass, silver-plated
  • Body: Brass, silver-plated
  • Mechanism: Brass, silver-plated


  • Neck: Brass, silver-plated
  • Body: Brass, silver-plated
  • Mechanism: Brass, gold-lacquered