Play relaxed

The JFL700WRXE Waveline™ Flute is yet another innovative JUPITER instrument designed to introduce even more people to the joys of active music making. 

This is what you get with your JFL700WRXE set:
JFL700WRE Waveline™ flute:
  • Tuning: C
  • Headjoint: Nickel silver, silver-plated
  • Body: Nickel silver, silver-plated
  • Mechanism: Nickel silver, silver-plated
  • Patented Waveline loop
  • PISONI pads
  • Stand and accessories
  • Split E mechanism
  • Trill keys
  • C footjoint
  • Open-hole keys and metal plugs
JFLH700WX Extension Kit:
  • Turn your Waveline™ into a regular flute
  • Headjoint: nickel silver, silver plated
  • Riser: 925 Sterling silver
  • Adapter: nickel silver, silver plated
  • Molded case and JUPITER bag, padded
  • Accessories
The advantages of the JFL700WRXE set:
Play longer and more relaxed

The Waveline™ headjoint shortens the instrument in such a way as to relieve the spine from unnecessary strain. Without affecting the superb sound or intonation options, that is. This is especially important for practice where any form of strain is likely to cause fatigue.

The Extension kit

Whenever the flautist wishes to play without the Waveline™ headjoint, the Extension Kit can be used to transform the instrument into a straight flute with a standard length.

Use your own headjoints

Another specificity of the Extension Kit is the possibility to use just about any standard-sized headjoint. Before using a different headjoint, the latter should be adjusted by a specialist to ensure that the flute performs at its finest with the selected headjoint. Do not hesitate to ask your music dealer for details.

Open-hole keys with metal plugs

The JFL700WRXE Waveline™ flute comes with open-hole keys. The supplied metal plugs can be used to close the holes, which may be more reassuring for entry-level flautists.