The „START JUPITER Musikklassenförderung 2023/2024“


Your encouragement motivates us!

In the current school year, JUPITER is once again supporting the establishment of music classes at general education schools for a maximum of 12 months. With advice, support and extensive instrumental equipment, we offer a risk-free and uncomplicated start-up aid for the foundation of a new music class. Among the applicants from ARTIS MUSIC´S entire distribution area, the following schools were equipped with JUPITER instruments:

  • Berkenschule, Grund- und Realschule
  • Dr.-Frank-Gymnasium
  • Gutenbergschule Bochingen
  • Gesamtschule Mechernich
  • Grundschule am Wasserturm
  • Christliche Schule Kiel
  • Hörschbachschule Murrhardt
  • Harkenberg Gesamtschule Hörstel
  • Albert-Martmöller-Gymnasium
  • Anne-Frank-Schule
  • Ernst-Weichel-Schule
  • Silcherschule
  • Grundschule Hostenbach-Schaffhausen
  • Schickardt-Gymnasium Herrenberg
  • Grundschule in Bad Vilbel
  • Schönstätter Marienschule
  • Stadtteilschule Poppenbüttel
  • Erna-und Kurt-Kretschmann-Oberschule

Among these participating music classes, the " JUPITER School Challenge" will take place. The preparation for this will run throughout the school year 2023/2024 and JUPITER will provide advice and support throughout.

At the end of the school year, all participants will send their most creative piece of music in picture and sound from their final concert. A jury will judge all submissions and determine the prize winners.

What´s counting here is not only the musical result but also the creativity, which can be interpreted in many different ways (choice of music, performance, stage show, etc.).

Prizes worth over €6,000 await the winners of this "JUPITER School Challenge"!

In addition, the JUPITER instruments can be purchased at special conditions. A free return of the instruments is also guaranteed after the school year.

We will regularly inform you here about the current status of the "JUPITER School-Challenge".

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you,

the JUPITER team!

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