The Loop Concept

A relaxed posture, a straight back and a calm breathing are prerequisites for a lively sound and the joys that music brings. This is only possible with musical instruments that are adapted to the player’s body. In the hands of a child, a traditional flute may cause tenseness that quickly leads to fatigue and discourages players from persevering.
As early as in the 1980s, JUPITER came up with the brilliant idea of a flute with a curved headjoint to counter this effect. The so-called U-shaped headjoint enabled small children to play the flute using a natural posture.

The new loop concept and the patented Waveline™-Flutes are a refinement of JUPITER’s endeavor to encourage young players to pick up the flute. This concept is now available in different sizes and ranges, which are perfect matches for the bodies of young players of different age groups.

We are proud to present the result of this endeavor:
the flute revisited.

Discover the enormous potential of JUPITER’s loop concept and of the new JUPITER Waveline™-Flutes.

Advantages of the Loop Concept:

  • Unique construction - the Waveline™-Patent with its obvious ergonomic advantages for young flute students
  • The Waveline™-Flute with D footjoint - JFL700WD for children aged 5 and up
  • The Waveline™-Flute with C footjoint - JFL700WE for children aged 7 and up
  • Automatic adoption of a better posture by children and adults who love to play the flute
  • JFLH700WX Extension Kit that allows players to transform their instrument into a regular-sized flute

Healthy Posture

The single most important aspect for improving one’s posture is the right position of the spinal column.
The photographs on this page reveal a much more natural posture with a Waveline™-Flute than whilst playing a traditional instrument. Even though the examples how a child, the same relief is also felt by adult players.

From a medical point of view:
In her diploma thesis, "Causes, Analysis and Prevention of Disorders in the Musculoskeletal System of Flautists Aged Between 15 and 18," Ms. Ursula Matejka states:
"Flautists are especially affected by the asymmetrical position of their instrument. (...) An oversized instrument at an early age is likely to cause spine problems later on in life."

The loop concept presents several advantages over instruments with a curved headjoint:

  • Fatigue-free and easy on the back
  • Stable position for a perfect tone shaping technique
  • Relaxed finger positions
  • Stable positioning of the flute while playing
  • Optimal intonation and tone shaping
  • Possibility to acquire the correct embouchure and fingering techniques
  • Fast progress
  • Straightforward and result-oriented playing

Enjoy learning - by having fun

Faster progress and an easy-to-handle instrument appeal to pupils and teachers alike. The "enjoyment of learning" principle is fun, motivates and removes any sense of pressure or frustration.
Reviews of international flutists confirm the superior, ergonomic advantages of this WaveLine™ flutes.

In summary, there is this unique JUPITER LOOP CONCEPT

It opens up all playful possibilities of beginning to professional use with high quality materials by use of individual headjoints.