730 Series Baritone Horn

730 Series Bb Baritone Horn

  • Tuning Bb
  • Bore: 13.5mm
  • Bell: Ø 242mm
  • Valves: 3, stainless steel
  • Outer slides: Nickel silver
  • Mouthpiece
  • Accessories
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The 730 Series Baritone is a lightweight and well proportioned baritone horn perfect for school-aged children and beginners. The total absence of strain means it is one of the best ways of getting children interested in playing a low-pitched brass instrument. Its nickel-silver outer tubes, stainless-steel pistons and sturdy case are just what the doctor ordered for young musicians.

Available models


  • Bell: Brass, lacquered
  • Body: Brass, lacquered
  • Leadpipe: Rose brass, lacquered