710 Series Ergonomic Trombone

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  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bore 12.7mm
  • Bell: Ø 203mm
  • Outer slide: Nickel silver
  • Inner slide: Nickel silver, hard chrome-plated
  • Tuning slides: Brass with nickel silver outer slide
  • Padded, adjustable thumb rest
  • Detachable molded hand grip
  • Mouthpiece
  • JUPITER case light JKC-TB42FQ
  • Accessories
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Catering to the needs of young players, JUPITER Ergonomic trombones are considered a milestone. They are the perfect combination of a lightweight instrument with easy handling and a superior sound. The molded hand grip on the slide, the padded thumb hook, the special curve at the bell (the so-called "gooseneck") and the instrument’s perfect equilibrium allow for an ergonomically relaxed posture. The hand grip and thumb hook can be removed if necessary. Further adding to its light weight, the 710 Series Ergonomic comes without an F-attachment.

Available models


  • Bell: Brass, lacquered


  • Bell: Rose brass, lacquered


  • like JTB710Q but with a redesigned hard-shell case