700U Series flute

The original

  • Tuning: C
  • Headjoint: Nickel silver, silver-plated
  • Body: Nickel silver, silver-plated
  • Mechanism: Nickel silver, silver-plated
  • Closed-hole keys
  • PISONI pads
  • Accessories
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This special design for small players was invented by JUPITER. The JFL700UD comes with a curved headjoint, assisted fingering and with a one-piece body without detachable foot (the lowest note is a D). While still tuned in C and therefore perfect for any flute method, this flute significantly reduces the normal hand spread. Switching to a normal-sized flute is a breeze. It offers a fast response and sounds almost like a "grown-up" flute.

Available models


  • For children aged 5 and beyond!
  • Tuning: C (lowest note d)
  • Curved headjoint with Easy Cut lip plate
  • Simplified mechanism, no trill keys
  • Without detachable footjoint


  • Straight and curved headjoint
  • Offset G
  • C-footjoint
  • JUPITER case JKC-FL13


  • Straight and curved headjoint
  • Split E mechanism
  • C-footjoint
  • JUPITER case JKC-FL13